Making qualitative software data usable

Qualitative data - finally making it usable for the quantitative world of business intelligence. We convert your QDA project into any database format or directly to Tableau, where new and exciting uses become possible.

NEW Collection and technical analysis of text, image, video and audio data

If you want to systematically evaluate "unquantifiable" data for your business, such as texts (e.g. customer opinions, support requests, social media posts, correspondence) or images and even audio and video material, contact us. Important information can be found in non-numerical data, which we can prepare for you and translate into applicable knowledge.

"Qualitative data are quantitative data that have not yet been properly processed."

The problem with qualitative data

Are you working with one of the common programs for qualitative data analysis, such as maxQDA, dedoose, nVivo or ATLAS.ti?

All of these tools are great for their respective core tasks. But unfortunately, CAQDAS programs are not as useful in the real data world:

⛔ These programs permananently lock the generated data/work results in their own rigid ecosystems. Data that you enter or develop there cannot be retrieved in an externally usable form.

⛔ They are purely designed for use in a largely social science context, not for business use.

⛔ The data obtained with these programs cannot be meaningfully integrated into the world of actual data science or business intelligence systems.

This useless limitation is now a thing of the past!

We can not only convert your project data from QDA programs into universally usable formats (e.g. .xslx, .csv, .xml, .sql), but also enrich them with completely new dimensions through the combination with external data.

This means that you can finally integrate your QDA/QACDAS data into a professional data context and continue to use it there:

✅ Use formerly unstructured data completely in real database and analysis frameworks

✅ Apply professional business intelligence tools to it

✅ Tell impressive visual stories that consist of qualitative and quantitative/tabular business data.

Conversion of qualitative data

Get your project data from most QDA projects converted to a useful standard data format.

QDA Project Conversion


reg.: 650€

Conversion of a .qdpx file to .csv, .xslx or .twb (up to 2000 codes/segments; larger projects on request)

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