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Why Analyze Data with Tableau?

Tableau is the world's leading software for data analysis and visualization. Its particular strength lies in its ability to serve as a universal interface to almost any type of data.

You may already know how important Tableau is today for consolidating even the most diverse data and deriving meaningful decisions from it.

If you want to harness the incredible power of Tableau for yourself and your data, we are here to offer our expertise.

What is Tableau, and What are its Strengths?

What is Tableau, and What are its Strengths?

Tableau is rightfully considered the most important visualization tool for data of almost any kind. But that is not even its central strength: Tableau does not just create "pretty graphics." Rather, it is a highly complex universal data and database interface that can consolidate data streams from vastly different sources.

What would otherwise require hours or even days of programming complex new queries or custom algorithms can be done with just a few clicks in Tableau after appropriate setup. Dashboards and worksheets can each be seen as applications specifically programmed for your unique data infrastructure. Using Tableau in your company will undoubtedly open up completely new dimensions of your data with a fresh perspective.

Projects + End-to-end solutions - at low and fair prices

Projects + End-to-end solutions - at low and fair prices

We carry out all necessary steps for you: data preparation, import and merging, creation of desired visualizations and output of results.

You will receive a complete package with your evaluated data.

You pay a previously agreed flat rate per package, or a subscription price that includes a certain number of evaluations per month or year.



We support you in implementing Tableau in your organization - from selecting the appropriate versions and licenses to technical implementation and employee training.

The use of Tableau in your organization will undoubtedly open up completely new dimensions through a new perspective on your data.



If you are already using Tableau in your company or just starting out, we provide fast and efficient training for your employees in the use of this powerful system.

We place particular emphasis on understanding data structures and Tableau as a universal data interface. Exploring and thoroughly learning the various visualization techniques is another key focus of the training.

Creating truly efficient visualizations does not rely on following pre-set patterns but rather on the willingness and ability to try new combinations. Therefore, we also dedicate necessary attention to creativity and the fundamentals of visual storytelling in our training.

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An introductory Tableau session, LIVE with a trainer. Get an idea what you can do with the software, or how we would approach your specific issue, free of charge and with no committment.

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