Study "Big Data - Big Opportunity for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises".

by A.S., appliQ analytics

Recent research demonstrates the high level of interest among SMBs in viable solutions for leveraging data from disparate sources, but also the common barriers to implementation.

techconsult GmbH/ionos. Big Data – Big Chance für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen. 2022.

"Many companies have extensive data holdings, consisting, for example of general business data and employee data, as well as log data, supply chain data, or production data. These companies not only have to organize a variety of data records and files, but they also have to consider the vast diversity of data in their analyses. For many SMEs, this is difficult because they are not yet properly equipped. Therefore, a great deal of data are not being captured, let alone extensively analyzed. Valuable information can be lost as a result." (techconsult study 2022, p.5)

Consider the above and aditional types of data, such as revenue data, customer data, order, shipping or log data. All of these typically exist in a multitude of formats and spread across vastly different systems.

As the study has shown, the potential for added value is particularly high in the following areas:

  • Optimization of resource planning: up to 48%
  • Acceleration of decision-making processes: up to 40%
  • Transparency: up to 37%
  • Increase in sales: up to 35%
  • Development of new business models: up to 35%

Biggest challenges

The following reasons were specifically mentioned as causes of the existing difficulties in implementing a data-driven structure:

  • Inadequate data quality: 37%
  • Lack of personnel resources: 31%
  • Abundance of unstructured data: 26%
  • Lack of specialized knowledge: 19%
  • Inadequate IT infrastructure: 21%
  • Lack of knowledge of suitable technology: 20%

The Solution

That's where we come in. With our expertise in data management and analysis, we can offer solutions that address these challenges and help you fully realize the potential of your data.

Whether it's cleaning and organizing data, providing additional personnel resources, or implementing suitable technologies and infrastructures, appliQ offers tailored solutions that help businesses turn their data into valuable insights. We have expertise in both technical aspects - such as merging, cleaning, and processing heterogeneous datasets - and in the analytical handling of data itself - visualization, evaluation - to meet your needs and complement your capacities effectively.

Companies that face difficulties in fully exploiting their data due to limited personnel resources or lack of technical know-how can benefit from our support. In addition to our technical services, we offer Tableau training to expand your internal knowledge in this area.

With our services related to data analysis, appliQ can help you make more effective use of your data and optimize your business processes to become more competitive.

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