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About appliQ analytics

appliQ analytics[pronounced: "appli-Cue"] is a service of ringmayr i.t. + data services, and was established in 2023.

ringmayr i.t. + data services has been providing digital services in the areas of Knowledge Processing, Web/Outreach, and Data Management/Data Processing for small and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. appliQ analytics was launched as an independent startup in 2023 to underscore the importance we see in this area of service.

We are a small but growing team based in and around Berlin, serving clients in Europe and the United States. Our passion is offering professional services to other startups, non-commercial organizations, and businesses.

We have defined the following goals for ourselves:

Mission Statement

appliQ analytics is dedicated to empowering managers and small business owners to make informed decisions using data.

We recognize that most smaller firms do not have the technical and human resources to implement a working business intelligence structure and to handle the demands of making their businesses more data-driven.

Our mission is to help businesses in the most inobtrusive way to gain better access to their relevant data and to help them process it in ways that makes it immediately understandable. Having full overview and control of your data results in manifest benefits: Better data access (a) lets businesses identify areas where their current efforts may be falling short, (b) provides guidance on how to make better evidence-based choices, and (c) leads to actionable insights and decisions. By leveraging data effectively, our clients can then drive growth, optimize operations, and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

We strive to assist our client with all the necessary steps to lay the groundwork towards more data-centric and data-driven operations with the required technical and analytical know-how.

Call on us for your data-analysis needs, from data consolidation and data cleaning to full data visualization and data analysis, to make your business stronger and more profitable.

Who are our services for?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

First and foremost, we serve companies that cannot or do not want to employ their own data analysts, but have recognized the importance of comprehensive data analysis and want to take advantage of its benefits.

Predominantly, we work with/for:

Small and medium-sized enterprises from almost all business fields, research institutions, startups, foundations, small and medium-sized doctors' offices, tax and business consulting firms.

But valuable data exists everywhere! We will be happy to discuss a productive collaboration with you.

Business service providers - creating synergies

If you offer business, consulting or IT services to customers yourself, we can offer you effective synergies. For example, if you are a management consultant, IT systems consultant, or work in similar areas of business-related services, you may be interested in a partnership that allows you to expand your service portfolio to include the components of data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

We will be happy to discuss a productive cooperation with you.

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