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Our services help you and your team to gain insights, overcome uncertainties and make informed--and above all profitable--decisions.

Save Money and Resources

See where your company is spending money, where it can be saved, and how resources can be best utilized.

Acquire New Customers

Find out how to reach more people and develop more targeted marketing strategies.

Improve Customer Retention

Explore customers' needs in order to develop better products/services.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Understand the competitive environment and find ways to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Adapt to Changes

Uncover unmet needs and market gaps and respond to trends.

Work Smarter and More Efficiently

Identify and address internal friction points to increase company productivity.

6 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Is Important for Smaller Businesses

Learning from your business data enables growth.

Big data is not just for big companies. Many small businesses utilize the power of their data to continuously improve and grow through analytics.

A smaller online clothing retailer has started tracking the browsing and purchasing behavior of its customers and using BI to identify trends and patterns. This allows them to identify the most popular products, leading to more targeted decisions regarding inventory and increased sales.

BI aids an objective understanding of reality.

BI provides hard data that can confirm or refute subjective perceptions about your business.

A small restaurant has always assumed that Friday evenings are the busiest. However, objective data now shows that lunchtime on Wednesdays actually generates the most revenue. This can assist in decisions regarding staffing, ordering, and opening hours.

BI reveals your strengths and weaknesses.

BI tools correct assumptions that may have been formed based on internal preferences or traditions.

A bakery craft business has assumed for years that its most popular product is its sourdough bread. However, the implementation of a BI tool reveals that their pastries actually account for the majority of sales. This can help them focus better on their actual strengths and work on any weaknesses, leading to an improved product mix and increased profits in the long run.

BI supports rapid correction of missteps.

BI allows you to learn directly from your behavior and make adjustments as needed.

A fitness studio has introduced a new class. However, after reviewing attendance data, it is clear that the class is not as popular as expected, the number of participants varies significantly at certain times, and/or the demographics of the customers differ from expectations. The studio learns from this and adjusts its schedule and/or class offerings accordingly.

Data analysis creates tangible value for your business.

It's not just about collecting data; it's about understanding it.

A bookstore collects data on its sales and customer demographics. By analyzing this data, they gain a better understanding of who their customers are, what they buy, and when they are likely to make a purchase. This leads to more effective marketing campaigns, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately boosting revenue.

BI answers questions.

Every business owner has questions about their operation.

"When are our peak times?", "Which products are not selling?", and "How effective are our marketing efforts?" - Business Intelligence helps track campaign success, answer questions, measure the effectiveness of strategies, and determine the optimal allocation of resources.

Your company generates valuable data, but... lack the technical know-how to prepare and analyze your data yourself?

We can help. don't have the time, resources, or personnel to analyze your data in detail?

We can help. don't know how to best utilize your data to move your business forward?

We can help.

Rely on us for your complete BI coverage

We carry out all the necessary steps for you to gain valuable insights from your data: Data preparation, import and consolidation, visualization, and dashboard creation.

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Preparation and merging of data

Preparation and merging of data

In order to comprehensively present and understand data, they must first be brought together from different sources and formats and suitably prepared.

We prepare and join your data.

Visualization / Visual Storytelling

Visualization / Visual Storytelling

Numbers tell the whole story only once they are presented in a graphical format. Visual storytelling is an extremely effective means of accessing complex and/or extensive subject matter.

We visualize your data with professional means and create dashboards according to your specifications.

Evaluation and analysis

Evaluation and analysis

The results of the graphical evaluation are output to you as a written report. The report gives you the basis for business action.

Sie erhalten einen schriftlichen Report der Ergebnisse.

Other data services from which you will benefit directly

Tableau Projects + Training

Tableau Projects + Training

Take advantage of our expertise with Tableau,the world's leading data visualization and data analysis software.

We'll execute Tableau-based projects for you, help you integrate Tableau into your internal operations, and enhance your skills through personal coaching.

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Qualitative/non-numeric data

Qualitative/non-numeric data

In addition to classic numerical business data, we also analyze "soft" data for you: text, images, audio, and video. We use scientifically recognized methods and the latest AI-supported technology for this purpose.

Analyze customer opinions and user feedback, for example, as integral part of your business data.

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How we support you and your projects

Business Intelligence

We perform all necessary steps so that you can draw valuable conclusions from your data: Data preparation, consolidation, visualization, and summary evaluation. We prepare and consolidate your data, visualize it with the use of professional tools, and create dashboards according to your specifications. In the end, we provide you with a package of this information - including all visualizations, selected and customized dashboards, and report(s) - for your use. These insights support better business decisions and lead to more profitable actions. - Learn more

Data Management / Data Engineering

Merge data from different sources and tables, such as spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, Open Office, Libre Office, Google Sheets, Numbers, Zoho Sheets); local /"static" database systems (e.g. MS Access, Google Forms, sqLite, dBase); SQL and noSQL databases/database servers (e.g. Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL); text-based data files (e.g. csv, json, xml, python/pandas dataframes); log files and analytics data (e.g. web server logs, Google Analytics, custom logs of various applications); web/cloud-based applications (e.g. Amazon/AWS, Salesforce, cleverbridge, GoogleDB), et al. - Learn more

Multidimensional Visual Storytelling

Our process is to first produce a set of detailed visualizations from the available raw data (from different sources). Using special tools, we thereby put aggregated data from the different areas/sources into meaningful relationships with each other, gaining new insights that we translate into reports. We provide you with a package of this information - i.e. the entire visualizations, from selected dashboards designed according to your needs, and the report(s). Building on this newfound knowledge, appropriate decisions and actions can then be developed. - Learn more

Comprehensive TABLEAU services

We conduct Tableau-based projects for you, help you integrate Tableau into your operations, and enhance your skills with this great tool through training/coaching. - Learn more

Qualitative data - projects, data conversion/integration

In addition to classic numerical business data, we also analyze "soft" data for you - using scientifically recognized methods and the latest AI-supported technology. -- Learn more

If you analyze qualitative data with one of the numerous QACDAS programs (such as quirkos, nvivo, maxqda, dedoose, or ATLAS.ti ) that support the qdpx/REFI-QDA format, we can convert these data directly into quantitative formats for you. This data can then be stored in databases, merged with numerical data, and analyzed in professional analysis programs such as Tableau, for example. (This can be also useful if your QACDAS program has no native vizualization capabilities.) Learn more

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