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We perform all the necessary steps so that you can draw valuable conclusions from your data: Data preparation, merging, visualization, and overview analysis.

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Data analysis in practice

Business data analysis consists of three major areas. We cover all of these steps so you can get the most out of your data:


Preparation and merging of data ( = taming the "wall of numbers")

In order to comprehensively present and understand data, they must first be brought together from different sources and formats and suitably prepared.


Visualization / Visual Storytelling (= teaching data to "speak")

Numbers tell the whole story only once they are presented in a graphical format. Visual storytelling is an extremely effective means of accessing complex and/or extensive subject matter.


Evaluation and analysis (= re-translation into language, as a basis for action)

The results of the graphic evaluation are translated back into verbal discourse. The re-transfer of visual storytelling into a verbal narrative creates the basis for business action.

Faster, better insights through data visualization

Data in classic table form is undoubtedly useful. But it's only when it's presented graphically that it tells the whole story. Data visualization is the indispensable and unrivaled analysis tool for understanding large amounts of data and gaining important insights.

Data visualization provides faster, easier-to-understand and valuable insights into your raw data. This enables you to make much more informed decisions and move your business forward.

Making data tangible and understandable

Making data tangible and understandable

Visually prepared data significantly aid human perception. They are easier and faster to grasp and understand than numbers.

They provide a single point of access to data that saves mental energy.

The benefit of visualized data
Making the hidden visible

Making the hidden visible

Visual representations reveal unseen correlations, trends and information that are difficult or impossible to discern from numbers, texts and statistical figures.

Yet, the right visualization not only provides faster and better information; it also potentially offers a great deal more actionable information.

Data visualization is a central approach to complex data that not only immediately highlights the essentials, but also allows for new perspectives on the data, promotes innovative insights, and enables unexpected discoveries. Visualization condenses information and makes it understandable.

See the bigger picture

See the bigger picture

Visualizations make it easy to investigate different data streams, see your data from diferent perspectives, and comprehensively understand your data as a whole.

For us, it is never about one specific visualization, but rather about approaching the numerical and data material from multiple directions. By combining several graphical presentations, each as informative as possible, the data is ideally described in such a way that new insights into previously unseen relationships emerge and ultimately create the most comprehensive overall picture possible.

How your data becomes actionable insights

Free consultation

Free consultation

Develop individual solution for your company

In a free orientation meeting, we clarify how we can support your company by making better use of your data. According to your goals and needs, we identify the appropriate data sources, any processing requirements and clarify any questions that may arise in advance.

Data preparation, data merging

Data preparation, data merging

Typical business data usually stems from different sources - such as spreadsheets and databases - and exists often in disparate formats. These heterogeneous raw data must be cleaned, consolidated, and generally prepared (e.g., indexed) before they can be put to any meaningful use.

We prepare your data for the desired application and make it usable and analyzable. For this purpose, we use different techniques.

Multidimensional visualization

Multidimensional visualization

Using special software, we put your data into meaningful relationships with each other and replace numbers with cleverly chosen visualizations to very specifically extract otherwise invisible facts from the mass of data.

In place of the dreaded "wall of numbers" are spontaneously generated and dynamically adapting visualizations that make your data easy to understand and provide a comprehensive overall picture of your data.

See the example of a multidimensional data visualization from a single sample dataset here.

Typical work with Tableau
Evaluation and baseline analysis

Evaluation and baseline analysis

We create dashboards from your data that present all conceivable aspects in a way that you can intuitively grasp and align your decisions accordingly.

You will receive a comprehensive information package that includes all visualizations from selected and customized dashboards according to your preferences, as well as a summary of the most important insights from your data.

What kind of data can I have analyzed?

  • Spreadsheet applications (such as Excel, Open Office, Libre Office, Google Sheets, Numbers, Zoho Sheets)
  • Local or "static" database systems (such as MS Access, Google Forms, sqLite, dBase)
  • SQL databases/database servers (such as Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Text based data files (such as csv, json, xml, python/pandas dataframes)
  • Log and analytics data (such as web server logs, Google Analytics, Custom Logs div. Applikationen)
  • Web/cloud-based applications (u.a. Amazon/AWS, salesforce, cleverbridge, GoogleDB)
  • and many more.

Introductory package "Business Intelligence"

Experience the benefits of professional data analysis for your company with a one-time package offer at a fixed price


Business Intelligence Special


reg.: 1,250€

Data preparation, project creation and basic analysis in Tableau (up to 1MB raw data**)

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* price plus VAT where applicable
** data formats: xls(x), csv, xml, json, sql, or any combination

Are my data safe?

Are my data safe?

We take data security and confidentiality very seriously and comply with all relevant legal requirements or even exceed them wherever possible.

Your data, while in our care, is stored on a secure cloud server (AWS) located in Germany and is only taken from there for and during the actual processing, if that is necessary. Any work on your data is performed on secure computers. After completion of the project, your data is deleted, at the latest after four weeks. Uploads and downloads are only done via secure, encrypted connections. - If further/special security measures are necessary or desired, don't hesitate to let us know.

And of course, under no circumstances will we share your data with third parties or use it for our own purposes.

You can find our privacy policy here. However, we will of course also be happy to accommodate special arrangements according to your specifications with you as needed.

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