Data Analysis as an External Service

Even as a smaller company, gain important business advantages by utilizing technology and data, just like the "big guys" do.

Data Analytics as a Business Service

Data Analytics as a Business Service

Data analysis as an external service is a novel offering, but our service precisely fills a glaring gap for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Systematic analysis of business and customer data is currently carried out internally only by large corporations with employees dedicated to this purpose.

In such companies, data analysis and business intelligence are an integral part of operations and are completely indispensable for the planning and optimization of business processes.

In order for smaller companies to enjoy this crucial advantage, we now offer this service for the first time as a cost-effective and flexible package solution.

You do not commit to long-term obligations and yet enjoy the benefits of professional data analysis.

Three Pillars of Data Analysis

Three Pillars of Data Analysis

Data analysis of business data always consists of three components. Our complete package includes all three areas:


Preparation and merging of data/data streams


Visualization of complex relationships (= making data "speak")


Analysis and evaluation of data

Visualization is the Central Element of Data Analysis

Visualization is the Central Element of Data Analysis

Data visualization is not, as commonly assumed, the end product of an analysis process. Many people associate data visualization with "cute," "pretty," or original infographics in presentations or media reports. However, that is not what visualization in data analysis is about.

Visualization in data analysis is rather an extremely powerful tool in the evaluation process itself, with which even huge amounts of data can be made tangible and comprehensible, but also previously unseen, unexpected, and even unimagined connections can be identified in entire data sets.

The insights gained can then be used to make concrete decisions for your business operations.

Software for data analysis

Software for data analysis

Business data analysis relies primarily on the use of highly specialized software. The clear global leader in this field is Tableau. We use, implement, and train users in the application of Tableau.

However, in individual cases, data analysis often requires special, customized programming approaches to merge data from different sources and formats and make it analyzable.

We offer expertise in both the application of Tableau and the technical treatment of raw data from different sources and take over:

  • complete projects as a package (you provide us with the data and receive a set of graphics and evaluations from us), or
  • individual aspects such as the conversion of data from different sources, the implementation of Tableau in your processes, and/or the training of users.

Your external data consultant

Just as you regularly seek advice from your tax advisor, IT service provider, or other external consultants for your business needs, we are available to you as an external partner specializing in the preparation and analysis of business data.

This gives even small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to use data analysis and business intelligence. Like the "big players," take advantage of the business benefits that analyzing your own business data: evidence-based and reliable work based on accurate knowledge of your business parameters, your customers, and your business environment.

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