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Complete business intelligence services for small and medium-sized enterprises: Data management, data analysis, data visualization - now for the first time as an external service.

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Full business intelligence services
 73% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to take full advantage of the benefits in their data.

73% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to take full advantage of the benefits in their data.

Large corporations rely intensively on data analysis as a central means of their activities and evaluate their data flows using their own specialists.

Smaller companies also generate valuable data in their daily activities, but find it difficult to use this treasure trove of data. At the same time, data-driven/data-centric work offers a unique opportunity for small and medium-sized companies as well, as corresponding studies repeatedly show impressively.

If you too would like to use professional business intelligence and data analysis without hiring your own staff and without incurring enormous costs, we have the right solution for you.

Data analysis is the key to optimizing your business strategy and business processes

Your company generates valuable data in its daily activities that contain important approaches to internal optimization and increased sales. But you find it difficult to use this treasure trove of data?

We offer a remedy: Our external data services allow you to evaluate your business data and use it profitably.

Bypass the technical and personnel hurdles of data analysis: Focus on learning from your data - we take care of identifying relevant data sources, sourcing, preparing, visualizing and analyzing your data.

Leverage the power of impactful visualizations to explore and interpret your data:: Instead of numbers and spreadsheets, efficient visualizations make it easier to understand and interpret your data. We help you open up these new perspectives.

Conduct data analysis without spending large amounts of money: Benefit from professional data analysis without investing time and resources on data management/analysis yourself or hiring dedicated staff.

What are the concrete benefits of using business intelligence and data analytics ?



Make your business processes simpler, more transparent and thus more agile. Maintaining a central overview of all data at any time and for all relevant stakeholders makes your life easier.



See all business-relevant figures summarized centrally in one place at any time--even differentiated by need, function and permissions. When everyone involved can easily view and understand the data that is relevant to them specifically, there is greater clarity and thus greater efficiency.


Evidence/data-based decisions

Having a full overview of all the data at all times--and at the exact level of detail required--allows faster and better decisions based on concrete figures. Protect yourself by being able to fully back up your decisions.


Data-driven/data-centric work at all levels.

Interconnect your data from all departments in a simple, intuitive way. Centralized figures that can be accessed and recorded by all stakeholders at any time lead to more transparent work.


Enhanced efficiency, simplified processes

Where employees or managers in your company today draw the data that is relevant to them from different systems each, a cohesive overall picture can at best be determined anecdotally and diffusely. Centrally aligned business intelligence brings all areas together and makes its findings easily accessible to all relevant parties.


Solid data basis, robust results

The use of business intelligence (BI) and data analysis provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a solid data basis for making sound decisions and optimizing business processes. Respond to market trends or adapt products and services as indicated by the numbers.


Significant cost savings

BI helps identify inefficiencies, reduces costs, and increases profitability: Streamlining operations, improving inventory management and resource allocation, and increasing customer retention directly impact the bottom line of your business.

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Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

We perform all the necessary steps to help you draw valuable conclusions from your data: Data preparation, importing and merging, visualization, and dashboard creation.

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Tableau Projects + Training

Tableau Projects + Training

Take advantage of our expertise with Tableau,the world's leading data visualization and data analysis software.

We'll execute Tableau-based projects for you, help you integrate Tableau into your internal operations, and enhance your skills through personal coaching.

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Introductory and special offers

Test the benefits of professional data analysis for your company with a one-time package offer at a fixed price. - Or have your data converted from one of the numerous programs for qualitative data analysis into a quantitative format.

Business Intelligence Special


reg.: 1,250€

Data preparation, project creation and basic analysis in Tableau (up to 1MB raw data**)

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QDA Project Conversion


reg.: 650€

Conversion of a .qdpx file to .csv, .xslx or .twb (up to 2000 codes/segments; larger projects on request)

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30-min LIVE Tableau Intro


(a 95€ value)

A Tableau intro session with a trainer. Get an idea what you can do with the software, or how we would approach your specific issue, free of charge and with no committment.

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* price plus VAT where applicable
** data formats: xls(x), csv, xml, json, sql, or any combination

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Who are our services for?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

First and foremost, we serve companies that cannot or do not want to employ their own data analysts, but have recognized the importance of comprehensive data analysis and want to take advantage of its benefits.

Predominantly, we work with/for:

Small and medium-sized enterprises from almost all business fields, research institutions, startups, foundations, small and medium-sized doctors' offices, tax and business consulting firms.

But valuable data exists everywhere! We will be happy to discuss a productive collaboration with you.

Business service providers - creating synergies

If you offer business, consulting or IT services to customers yourself, we can offer you effective synergies. For example, if you are a management consultant, IT systems consultant, or work in similar areas of business-related services, you may be interested in a partnership that allows you to expand your service portfolio to include the components of data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

We will be happy to discuss a productive cooperation with you.

How we support you and your projects

Merge data from different sources and tables, such as spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, Open Office, Libre Office, Google Sheets, Numbers, Zoho Sheets); local /"static" database systems (e.g. MS Access, Google Forms, sqLite, dBase); SQL and noSQL databases/database servers (e.g. Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL); text-based data files (e.g. csv, json, xml, python/pandas dataframes); log files and analytics data (e.g. web server logs, Google Analytics, custom logs of various applications); web/cloud-based applications (e.g. Amazon/AWS, Salesforce, cleverbridge, GoogleDB), et al. - Learn more

Our process is to first produce a set of detailed visualizations from the available raw data (from different sources). Using special tools, we thereby put aggregated data from the different areas/sources into meaningful relationships with each other, gaining new insights that we translate into reports. We provide you with a package of this information - i.e. the entire visualizations, from selected dashboards designed according to your needs, and the report(s). Building on this newfound knowledge, appropriate decisions and actions can then be developed. - Learn more

We conduct Tableau-based projects for you, help you integrate Tableau into your operations, and enhance your skills with this great tool through training/coaching. - Learn more

If you analyze qualitative data with one of the numerous QACDAS programs (such as quirkos, nvivo, maxqda, dedoose, or ATLAS.ti ) that support the qdpx/REFI-QDA format, we can convert these data directly into quantitative formats for you. This data can then be stored in databases, merged with numerical data, and analyzed in professional analysis programs such as Tableau, for example. (This can be also useful if your QACDAS program has no native vizualization capabilities.) Learn more


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